TSC Material Handling & Installations

The Siebold Company Inc. (TSC) is a licensed General, Mechanical and Electrical Contractor performing Electrical, Mechanical and Software System installations throughout the USA, Canada and the English speaking Caribbean Islands.  Since 1989 TSC has successfully completed over 5,000 installation projects  for a wide variety of industries, specializing in the material handling industry.  

Our goal is to provide you with the products and services you require by working with all involved vendors, as the General Contractor, or as a Subcontractor – whatever role is required for your specific project.  We understand the importance of seemless integration of all supplied field services for the success of your project.  

We are not a software developer, but we do provide software integration and installation services.   

TSC also provides CAD Enginnering services, complete Project Management services, Fabrication, and a wide range of Field Services.  

Electrical and Mechanical Installations

We supply Electrical and Mechanical Installation field services for a wide variety of industries, including the Material Handling Industry.   We have successfully completed over 5,000 projects on time – based on our extensive experience with Project and Engineering Management – from site surveys to the technical approach, installation, start up, de-bug, commissioning and sign-off. 

In addition to Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Installation services, we also provide a wide varity of other field services, including System Engineering, CAD Engineering, and Project Managment. 

TSC installation services include Conveyor Systems, Sortation Delivery Systems, Software Systems and Robotics Systems.   We also erect a wide range of gantry and platform systems to elevate equipment for many industries.  TSC also offers Research and Development services, design and documentation of technical installation manuals or programs.   We have performed these services for Distribution Centers, Automotive Plants, Food Manufacturing Plants, Newspaper and Commercial Printing facilities, and United States Postal Distribution Centers.  

 Parcel Conveying Systems   

AFSM – Advanced Flats Sorting System

The USPS AFSM 100 system is a world class high speed flats (magazines, manila envelops, etc.) sorting machine. The AFSM is capable of processing up to 21,000 pieces of mail per hour with state of the art OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Mechanical installation tolerances range to within 40 thousandths of an inch. Electrical installation includes input/power distribution and control/communication wiring. Following installation is mechanical, electrical and electronic adjustments followed by start-up and debug troubleshooting. A two-week acceptance test support completes the installation cycle. Over 500 AFSM installations have been performed with a total contract value of over $22 million to date.

RCS – Robotic Containerization Unit

TSC worked in conjunction with ABB Flexible Automation to install over 100 Robotic Containerization Systems (RCS) throughout the USA. The RSC is a high-speed tray sortation and dispatch system. TSC’s role was the mechanical and electrical assembly, control wiring, ethernet networking, pneumatics and the control interfacing with a wide range of related systems.  TSC also created and published the RCS Technical Manual specifically used for the installations of these rebotic systems. TSC provides complete CAD design and engineering services for complete system integration when required.

SPBS – Small Parcel Bundle Sorter Feed System

The Small Parcel Bundle Sorter Feed System transports small mail parcels, bundles and rolls to the SPBS machine. The system TSC installed consists of a series of belted conveyors containing belt widths of 24” and 30.” For the most part, this was floor mounted with and overall length of 250 feet. These systems ranged in size, length and overall configuration based on a facilities needs. Our responsibilities included the construction of all conveyor sections, a platform, walkway, screen guarding, drive guard installations and startup support. TSC has installed approximately 240+ Small Parcel Bundle Sorter Feed Systems to date, with a contract value of over 24 million dollars.


Loose Letter Mail Sortation System

The Loose Letter Mail Sortation System is a series of belted conveyors with belt widths of 24”, 30”, 36” and 42.” The product is fed from floor mounted container un-loaders, hampers or manually and sent through various amounts of hoppers. Mail is then transported by conveyors to an automated canceling machine. An average system consists of 15 or more conveyors, 5 or more hoppers, maintenance platforms, walkways and trolley systems for maintenance access. An average overall length of a system is 850 feet. Approximately 70% of the equipment normally supported from the ceiling. Installation of the header steel, drop rods and sill angles was also part of TSC’s scope of work.


Tray Management System

Tray Management Systems are comprised of several sub-systems and equipment designed to convey, sort, stage, and deliver tray mail throughout a United States Postal facility. The following is a list of equipment involved in this program: 21’ Vertical Lift units, 21’ Staging Towers, miles of 17” Wide roller conveyor, Tilt tray sorters, Difuku Staging units, Belt conveyor, Platforms, and Scanning equipment. TSC installed this complete type of system in five locations throughout the U.S. with a combined contract value of over 1.5 million dollars.


Bulk Mail Systems

TSC has installed a wide variety of bulk mail transport systems, ranging from 100 feet long up to 20,000 feet long. The bulk systems on our resume range in size from a 100 feet up to 20 thousand feet long, with belt widths ranging from 24 to 42 inches. Included in the bulk system are various other components such as platforms (power panels, motors, maintenance access, tilt tray sorting systems, container loaders and unloaders, scales and induction units.

Asbestos Abatement

TSC has performed over 275 asbestos abatements since 1997. TSC is not only certified within OSHA standards but our procedures have been critiqued and approved by the USPS headquarters in Washington DC. This approval was needed due to the close proximity of USPS workers and abatement activities. TSC procedures ensure no down time for customer employee’s working in the same area where the abatement process is being performed. The TSC asbestos abatement program ensures certified workers, procedures and equipment. For the customer records, TSC furnishes all analytical results regarding air monitor testing.

• Certified abatement worker
• HEPA vacuum
• Air monitoring pump
• Hammer drill
• Containment foam
• Nationwide disposal program

Lead Abatement

TSC fully complies with all standards OSHA has established for lead based paint. TSC has established specific guidelines to eliminate any potential exposure to lead beyond OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL). TSC’s compliance to these guidelines, policies and procedures has ensured the programs success. The TSC lead paint abatement program ensures the following prior to commencement of abatement; trained employees, employee blood sample testing and medical evaluation for respirator fit testing. For the customer records, TSC furnishes all analytical results regarding air monitor testing.

• Trained abatement worker
• Backpack HEPA vacuum
• Pneumatic dust free needle scalers
• Negative air respirator with HEPA and Vapor as Air Cartridges
• TSP solution – A water based chemical to wipe residue left behind after paint is stripped
• Non toxic and environmentally safe “Peel-Away®”
• Nationwide disposal program