TSC Press Drive Controls


TSC has developed and refined a fully integrated press controls system that offers an abundance of features including but not limited to safety, user interface, press control, and troubleshooting capabilities.  We offer upgrade and replacement solutions for Fincor press drives, Siemens press drives and other obsolete press drive controls for single- and double-width presses.  READ MORE

Recent TSC Press Drive Controls orders and installations

Trib Total Media in the final installation phase of replacing their Goss Omnicon Siemens Press Controls with all new TSC Press Drive Controls

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 2020   Trib Total Media, a family of community daily and weekly newspapers, a weekly shopper, commercial printing, promotional products, direct mail, and digital services, is in the final phase of the installation of all new TSC Press Drive Controls that replaced their Goss Omnicon Siemens press drive controls.  The installation is on schedule and in the final commissioning phase.   “We are very pleased with the new TSC press drive controls and the installation work TSC is doing at our central production facility.  The installation is right on schedule.  Matt Clouser and the TSC technicians have not interrupted our printing schedule and the transition from our Goss Omnicon press drive controls to the new TSC press drive controls has been seamless.  We’ve already seen improvements in our color registration.” stated Shawn Callahan, Trib Total Media Production Director.   Matt Clouser added: “We appreciate the opportunity Trib Total Media has given us to replace their obsolete Goss Omnicon Siemens press controls.  We are installing a completely new control system and the Trib management team did an excellent job shifting work schedules to accommodate our necessary press access throughout the installation process.  The project was thoroughly planned to make certain Trib Total Media never missed a day of production.”

     Since 1989, TSC completed more than 5,000 installation projects throughout North America and the Caribbean. The company specializes in newspaper and commercial printing and the materials processing industry. TSC’s subsidiaries include Lion Web Components, DR Press Equipment, DGM and Smith Pressroom Products. TSC also offers press equipment, equipment brokering, press equipment reconfiguration and reconditioning services, press equipment audits and valuations, and operational consulting. TSC is the authorized QIPC-EAE sales, parts and service provider for the entire QIPC – EAE product and service offerings.  www.siebold.com.   800-452-9481. 

The Daily Record Replaces Obsolete Fincor Press Drive with New TSC Press Drive Controls.

Following many years of loyal service from their Goss Suburban press and their aging Fincor Drive, The Daily Standard purchased a new TSC Press Drive and with a Folder Interface Panel and contracted TSC to install the new equipment at their Celina, Ohio production facility.

Celina, Ohio May 2020   The Daily Standard tapped The Siebold Company, Inc. (TSC) for a new TSC AC Press Drive Control to replace their aging and obsolete Fincor DC drive.  The Fincor press drive components are no longer available, so replacing the drive will allow their Goss Suburban to print their daily paper for many more years to come. The new TSC AC Press Drive will be equipped with a larger motor than the obsolete Fincor DC drive which will allow The Daily Standard to run all their printing units with a single drive. TSC Automation Engineer Matt Clouser commented: “By converting their aging drive system to AC we were able to offer more horsepower out of a single AC drive motor which provided a significant cost saving for the customer”.  The new drive system is scheduled to be installed by TSC in June 2020.

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