The Siebold Company Inc. (TSC) is a licensed General and Electrical Contracting company that conducts a wide variety installation projects throughout North America. We specialize in the Graphic Arts and Material Handling industries, and have a long history, since 1989, of successful equipment related projects. Our primary focus includes: installations; reconfigurations; modifications; electrical and mechanical engineering; rigging; along with newspaper and commercial printing equipment brokering services. We have successfully completed over 5,000 projects, ranging from stand-alone production systems to nationwide deployment programs.

Company President, Jim Siebold and Executive Vice President, Bill Siebold have over 60-years of experience working in the Material Handling and Graphic Arts Industries. Jim and Bill spent extensive time working in the mechanical trades as journeymen and field superintendents. They have provided their expertise to the graphic arts industry, along with developing a highly successful relationship with the United States Postal Service. In 1989 it was their decision to offer the full complement of services as The Siebold Company, Inc.

The Siebold company offers a wide variety of press related services for companies planning to buy, sell, expand, upgrade, or maximize the efficiency of their web press. Click here to to download a copy of the TSC 2018 Products & Services catalog.