Smith Pressroom Products

TSC Dampening Systems

SprayMATIC G4 Dampening System:

Innovative spray dampening technology, with optional integral blanket wash, for newspaper, commercial and sheet fed applications. Dual fluid capability for both press system dampening and economical blanket cleaning.

SprayMATIC G4 Master Tank Unit:

The Master Tank is the Mixing and Supply unit for SprayMatic Spray Dampening. This unit mixes fountain solution concentrate with water by volume.

Test Stand for SprayMATIC G4 Bars:

The ideal way for testing SprayMATIC G4 valves, nozzles, and complete spray bar assemblies

Circuflo Circulating and Mixing Systems:

CircuFlo is a family of centralized, high capacity mixing and/or supply systems for fountain solution distribution to single/multiple presses using brush, spray or continuous dampening systems. Ideal for sheet fed and high-quality web offset printing. FLO-MIX Technology is the most accurate method to mix Reagents with water.

C440 Circulating and Mixing System:

Designed for heat-set or cold-set applications, the C440 is a functional, heavy-duty, low maintenance system designed for sock or brush dampening. FLO-MIX Technology is the most accurate method to mix Rea-gents with water, the mix ratio is controlled with precise Flow Meters. Model CMU-440-SD is for spray dampening applications.

Temperature Control System:

Economical and reliable heat exchanger, chiller and refrigeration system that provides precision temperature control for your water circulation system.

Speedclean Banket Wash System:

Compact design sprays solvent directly onto the blanket and dual oscillating brushes for fast and efficient cleaning.

RO Water Treatment System:

A closed-loop water system designed to eliminate scaling, mineral deposits, hard water deposits and bacteria growth with a wide variety of dampening and inking systems.