DGM Parts, Services & Equipment

Parts and Services:

Through our acquisition of DGM, we have: DGM Parts; Goss Community Press Parts; Goss Urbanite Parts; and other press parts, along with the intellectual property – so you will receive genuine DGM parts when you order from us by calling 800-452-9481. Our operating hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We also have an after-hours emergency parts and service available by calling 800-452-9481.

DGM 430 1-Around Single-Width 4-High-Press:

Innovative designs, top engineering and an extensive parts inventory makes the DGM 430 the ideal 4-High press addition to your existing single-width, one-around press! The 430 Press offers an extensive array of features to meet your demanding production requirements.

DGM 440 1-Around Single-Width 4-High-Press:

Rated at press speeds up to 45,000 impressions per hour, the DGM 440 is the ideal 4-High press addition to your existing single-width, 1-around high-performance press. The 440 features three ink form and three oscillator ink form design with oil lubricated drive and operator side.

DGM 1035 10 Web Folder:

The DGM 1035 High-Speed Web Press Folder is compatible with a wide variety of presses. Rated at 40,000 Impressions Per Hour, this workhorse folder is capable of folding up to 10 webs and is designed to run high page count newspaper products and commercial book work.

DGM 1240 1:2:2 12-Web 50,000 IPH Jaw Folder:

The DGM 1240 Web Press Folder is the perfect high-speed, high volume jaw folder as an add-on or replacement folder for your DGM or Goss 1-around or 2-around press, with time saving features including push-button changeover and on-the-run lap adjustment.

DGM Angle Bar/Slitter/Web Realignment:

Add up to 50% more press throughput by adding the DGM Angle Bar / Slitter / Web Realignment System(s) to your existing press! Designed for bolting on the top of a wide variety of presses, including the DGM 430, 440, 850, Advantage II, Goss Community®, and Urbanite® printing units, this press enhancement will give you up to 50% additional page capacity per web!